Equipped with the latest machinery Giro’s inspection and test facilities enable us to provide the consistent and reliable products our customers demand.

Careful attention to details throughout the entire manufacturing process, from the basic dimensional inspection of the basic machined components, jig testing of all critical position points on bent pipes, to the flushing and final microscopic examination of pipe contaminants down to a size of a few micron ensures we can meet the requirements of all modern fuel systems.

We can also offer the following testing/ measuring services:

  • Non destructive endoscopic bore examinations down to 2.2 mm bore, either at our works or off site.
  • Metallurgical examination and reporting on failed pipes.
  • Hydraulic pressure testing up to 10000 bar.
  • Measuring services using portable coordinate measuring machines, either at our works or off site.

Please contact our sales department for further details.